Industry Profiles – Know your client’s industry

Apr 21st, 2011

Industry Profiles give the reader an understanding of the drivers of success in a given industry and how they can assist businesses in making more informed decisions. will release at least one new Industry Profile every month, providing you with an ever increasing list of industries to choose from. All new releases will be displayed in the news section of our website.

Each Industry Profile contains:

  • A high level overview of the industry

  • Benchmarks for the industry

  • Industry specific analysis of the benchmarks

  • Performance Differentiators: key items to focus on to improve all areas of your income statement.

Subscribers can access all industry profiles and benchmarks through the following link:

Industry Information

Never underestimate the value of up-to-date information, as successful small businesses rely on accurate and timely market intelligence to stay ahead of the game. We are contacted by thousands of small businesses each year who just can’t find current information on their industry. Our aim is to continually supply you with the most relevant information across as many industries as possible.

How should I use an industry profile?

Industry profiles can be provided to your clients as a free service providing a value add to clients or as a charged service immediately increasing your fees. An industry profile provided to SME clients with their next tax return adds value to the service and deepens client relationships. Remember to diarise follow-up discussions with your client 6 months after providing an industry profile, as the client by this time may require additional information or services.

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